In this chapter we have an account of the army under Gideon gathered
out of several tribes, which from 32,000 were reduced to three hundred,
and we are told by what means this was done, \\#Jud 7:1-8\\ and how he
was directed to go into the host of the Midianites, where he heard one of
them telling his dream to his fellow, which greatly encouraged him to
believe he should succeed, \\#Jud 7:9-15\\ also we are told the form
and manner in which he disposed of his little army to attack the
Midianites, and the orders he gave them to observe, which had the
desired effect, and issued in the total rout of that large body of
people, \\#Jud 7:16-22\\ and those that were not destroyed were
pursued by persons gathered out of several tribes, and the passages
of Jordan were taken by the Ephraimites, so that those that attempted
their escape into their own country, there fell into their hands,
\\#Jud 7:23-25\\.