Leviticus 1:8

Leviticus 1:8

And the priests, Aaron's sons, shall lay the parts
That were cut in pieces, ( Leviticus 1:6 ) some of which are particularly mentioned:

the head and the fat;
the head which was cut off, and the body, the trunk of it; so, Aben Ezra says, the wise men interpret the word (rdp) "fat", which is only used here and in ( Leviticus 1:12 ) ( 8:20 ) and which he thinks is right; though others take it to be the fat caul, or midriff, which parts the entrails; and the Targum of Jonathan renders it, the covering of fat: these are particularly mentioned, but include in general the rest of the pieces, which were laid:

in order upon the wood that is on the fire which is upon the altar;
this disposition of the several parts of the burnt offering upon the altar signifies the laying of Christ upon the cross, and the disposition of his head, his hands, and feet there; according to the usual order of crucifixion: the skin, as before observed, was not burnt, but was the property of the priest, and the sinew that shrunk was taken away, and cast upon the ashes in the middle of the altar F26.


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