Leviticus 11:27

Leviticus 11:27

Whatsoever goeth upon his paws
Or "the palms" F4 of his hands; meaning such creatures, whose feet are not divided into two parts, but into many, like the fingers of an hand, as apes, lions, bears, wolves, foxes, dogs, cats

among all manner of beasts that go on [all] four;
this is added, to distinguish them from fowl, such as are clean; who walk but on two feet, though their feet are divided into fingers or talons, and may be called hands on which they walk:

these [are] unclean unto you:
and as they might not be eaten, so neither touched, as follows:

whoso toucheth their carcass shall be unclean until the even;
(See Gill on Leviticus 11:24).


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