Leviticus 14:13

Leviticus 14:13

And he shall slay the lamb
The priest, or the butcher, as the Targum of Jonathan, the slaughterer, the priest appointed for that service; at which time both the hands of the leper were laid upon it, as says the Misnah F16; for though the leper might not go into the court as yet, the sacrifice was brought to the door of the tabernacle for him to put his hands on it: so Maimonides F17 relates; the trespass offering of the leper is brought to the door, and he puts both his hands into the court, and lays them on it, and they immediately slay it:

in the place where he shall kill the sin offering in the holy place;
in the court of the tabernacle, on the north side of the altar, as Jarchi observes, see ( Leviticus 1:11 ) ( 6:25 ) ;

for as the sin offering [is] the priest's, [so is] the trespass
and to be eaten by him and his sons in the holy place, and by none but them, see ( Leviticus 6:26 Leviticus 6:29 ) ;

it [is] most holy;
which is the reason why none else might eat of it, typical of Christ the most Holy, whose flesh is only eaten by true believers in him, made priests unto God by him.


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