In this chapter several laws are, repeated, enforced with a penalty
annexed to them, and the breach them made capital, to deter from it, as
giving seed to Molech, \\#Le 20:1-5\\; going after such that have familiar
spirits, or are wizards, \\#Le 20:6\\; by shunning which, and other sins, a
regard would be shown to holiness, \\#Le 20:7,8\\; such as cursing
parents, \\#Le 20:9\\; committing adultery, \\#Le 20:10\\; incestuous
copulations, and marriages, and beastly actions, \\#Le 20:11-21\\; all
which it became the Israelites to avoid, lest, when come into the land
of Canaan, they should be cast out of it, as the old inhabitants were
for the same things, \\#Le 20:22-24\\; and therefore, that they might
appear to be a distinct people from others, they were to put a
difference between clean and unclean creatures, \\#Le 20:25,26\\; and the
chapter is closed with a law, making it death for any person to have a
familiar spirit, or to be a wizard, \\#Le 19:27\\.