Leviticus 6:18

Leviticus 6:18

All the males among the children of Aaron shall eat of it,
&c.] And they only, for none but they might eat in the holy place, and therefore these holy things that were to be eaten there, were only eaten by them; what might be eaten by the priests in their own houses, their wives and daughters ate of, but in the holy place only their males, and a male was one that was thirteen years of age:

[it shall be] a statute for ever in your generations, concerning
the offerings of the Lord made by fire;
a statute to last till the Messiah should come, the true meat or bread offering; and the bread he gave was his flesh, and he that eats of it shall not die, but live for ever, ( John 6:27 John 6:51 ) :

everyone that toucheth them shall be holy;
signifying, that no one ought to touch them but a holy person, one devoted to holy services, the priests and their sons; or "whatsoever" F15 toucheth them, the dishes they eat those offerings out of, or the knives they cut them with, were not to be used for anything else.


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