Leviticus 6:9

Leviticus 6:9

Command Aaron and his sons
Who were nominated, selected, and appointed to the office, though not yet consecrated to it and invested with it, see ( Leviticus 8:1 )

saying, this [is] the law of the burnt offering;
of the daily sacrifice, morning and evening:

it [is] the burnt offering, because of, [or] for the burning upon
the altar all night unto the morning;
as there was nothing offered on the altar of burnt offering after the evening daily sacrifice, nor anything before the morning daily sacrifice, it was the more difficult to keep the fire of the altar burning in the night; wherefore a slow fire was used in the evening sacrifice, and several things remained to be burnt in the night: so Maimonides F16 says, the remainder of the fat of the members were burnt all night until the pillar of the morning (first rays of the rising sun, Editor.):

and the fire of the altar shall be burning in it;
not without it, as Aben Ezra observes, but on it; that is, should be ever burning on it, night and day, as it is after declared.


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