Leviticus 7:30

Leviticus 7:30

His own hands shall bring the offerings of the Lord made
by fire
That is, such parts of the peace offerings as were to be burnt with fire, as the fat on several parts described in ( Leviticus 3:3 Leviticus 3:4 ) the owners of the offerings were to bring them in the manner as will be presently observed:

the fat with the breast, it shall he bring;
the fat to be burnt, and the breast for the priest and his sons, as in the following verse ( Leviticus 7:31 ) :

that the breast may be waved [for] a wave offering before the Lord;
how this waving was performed, (See Gill on Exodus 29:24) particularly with respect to these peace offerings it was thus; if a thank offering, the priest takes of the bread brought with it one (cake) out of ten, and lays it with the breast, the shoulder, and the inwards, and waves all upon the hands of the owners; on which he puts the fat, then the breast and the shoulder above (i.e. upon the fat), then the two kidneys, and the caul, and the liver above them; and if there was any bread, he put it over them, and waved all, putting his hand under the hands of the owner F19.


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