Leviticus 8:16

Leviticus 8:16

And he took all the fat that was upon the inwards
Called the "omentum":

and the caul [above] the liver;
the lobe upon the liver, as the Septuagint; or "the caul" and "the liver", so says Jarchi; the liver separately, for he took a little of the liver with it, the caul:

and the two kidneys, and their fat, and Moses burned [it] upon the
the fat of these several parts, which has been often observed was done; and in imitation of which, the same has been done by the Persians and their Magi, as related by Strabo F24 and others F25; and by the Romans, to which Persius F26 refers; and these several parts are generally covered with fat in fat creatures, and especially sheep, as Aristotle F1 observes.


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