Leviticus 8:22

Ver. 22-25. And he brought the other ram, the ram of consecration,
&c.] Or "filling" F2, or "fulnesses"; because, as Jarchi says, these filled and perfected the priests in their priesthood; this was the finishing and consummation of their consecration: what is said in this and the three following verses ( Leviticus 8:23-25 ) is the same as is ordered, ( Exodus 29:19-22 ) and needs no further explanation; (See Gill on Exodus 29:19) (See Gill on Exodus 29:20) (See Gill on Exodus 29:21) (See Gill on Exodus 29:22).


F2 (Myalmh) "plenitudinum", Montanus; "impletionum, [vel] potius completionum", Drusius; Heb. "impletionum", Piscator.