Leviticus 8:9

Leviticus 8:9

And he put the mitre upon his head
Which was made of fine linen, and was a wrap of that of a considerable length about his head, ( Exodus 28:39 )

also upon the mitre, [even] upon his forefront, did he put the
golden plate;
which was put upon the forehead of the high priest, reaching from ear to ear, and was fastened to the mitre with a blue lace, and had on it this inscription, "holiness to the Lord": ( Exodus 28:36 Exodus 28:37 ) and is here therefore called

the holy crown:
denoting both the sanctity and the dignity of the high priest, and typical of Christ, who is holiness itself, and to his people, and is now crowned with glory and honour, being a priest upon the throne: hence the Jews F21 speak of the crown of the law, and of the crown of the kingdom, and of the crown of the priesthood: and this, as all the rest, was done

as the Lord commanded Moses;
all these were made according to the divine order, and were put on in the manner and form he directed him; of the mystery of the mitre and the crown, (See Gill on Exodus 28:39) (See Gill on Exodus 28:36) (See Gill on Exodus 28:37).


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