Luke 11:14

Luke 11:14

And he was casting out a devil
At a certain time, either the same that is recorded in ( Matthew 9:32 ) or in ( Matthew 12:22 ) for both of them were attended with the same effect upon the people, and with the same calumny of the Pharisees, mentioned here:

and it was dumb.
The Ethiopic version reads, "deaf and dumb"; that is, the devil, which possessed the man, made him both deaf and dumb; if the same as in ( Matthew 12:22 ) he was blind, as well as dumb:

and it came to pass, when the devil was gone out;
of the man possessed by him, by the command of Christ:

the dumb spake;
as other men did, and as he had done before; the cause being removed, the effect ceased:

and the people wondered;
at the power of Christ, and concluded that he must be the Messiah, the son of David.