Luke 12:33

Luke 12:33

Sell that ye have, and give alms
Since they had a kingdom bequeathed them by their heavenly Father, they should be so far from indulging an anxious care about food and raiment, that when there was a call in providence for it, and rather than the poor should go without a supply, it became them to sell their houses and lands, and whatever possessions they had, and relieve them; and so they did not long after; for some of those who sold their estates, and brought the money to the apostles, ( Acts 4:34 Acts 4:35 ) , might be now present; and the more readily and cheerfully do what they did, remembering these words of Christ:

provide yourselves bags which wax not old;
as do the bags of misers: their bag is, (bwqn rwru) , "a bag pierced through", or that has a hole in it, which lets the money out as it is put in, ( Haggai 1:6 ) and which the Targum renders by, (atraml) , "for a curse"; as money hoarded up in bags by covetous persons generally is: Christ would have his followers put their money up in other bags; not in such which rot through age, or are worn out, and are full of holes through use; but into the hands and bellies of the poor, the fruit and reward of which will always abide;

a treasure in the heavens that faileth not:
whereas treasure on earth does, being either taken away from the possessors of it by various ways, or they from that:

where no thief approacheth;
can come near to steal it away, which is often the case here on earth:

neither moth corrupteth;
as it does the best of garments, wore by men: but the robes of glory and immortality can never be corrupted: (See Gill on Matthew 6:20).