You Can Provide Clean Water to Persecuted Christians

Luke 17:34

Luke 17:34

I tell you, in that night
Of affliction and calamity, that shall be upon the Jewish nation, and which is before called that day, ( Luke 17:31 ) and therefore is not to be understood literally of the night:

there shall be two [men] in one bed;
this is said agreeably to the time, the night before mentioned, that being the time to be in bed, at rest and asleep; for they that sleep, sleep in the night; and still suggests the security the people of the Jews would be in, at the time of their destruction. The word "men" is not in the text, it is only, "there shall be two in one bed"; and may as well be understood of a man and his wife, since it is not so usual for two men to lie in one bed; and this the rather more strongly expresses the distinguishing providence of God in saving one, and suffering the other to be taken and lost: the words may be rendered, "there shall be two upon one couch": that is, sitting together at supper, which was also in the night season: it was the custom of the ancients to sit upon beds, or couches, at meals; and they had a bed, or couch, which held two persons only, and was called Biclinium F8: and so this likewise intimates, that the destruction of the Jews would be at a time when they were thoughtless of it, and were eating and drinking, as in the days of Noah and of Lot, ( Luke 17:27 Luke 17:28 ) .

The one shall be taken;
by the Roman soldiers:

and the other shall be left;
being, by one providence or another preserved; which is mentioned, to show the distinction God will make in his providence, and to encourage believers to trust in it.


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