Luke 24:12

Luke 24:12

Then arose Peter
Who, though he did not believe the report made, yet listened to it, and was alarmed and aroused by it, and was willing to know the truth of it:

and ran unto the sepulchre;
not alone, but with John, being in haste to be satisfied, how things were:

and stooping down;
(See Gill on Mark 16:5). (See Gill on John 20:5).

he beheld the linen clothes laid by themselves;
in which the body of Jesus was wrapped; these lay by themselves, without the body, in one place; and the napkin about his head was wrapped together, and lay in another place by itself: so that it was a plain case, the body was not stolen, nor taken away; for neither friends, nor foes, would have taken the pains, or have lost so much time, as to have stripped the body, but would rather have carried off the clothes along with it. The Alexandrian copy leaves out the word (mona) , alone, or by themselves:

and departed;
from the sepulchre to Jerusalem, to John's house there:

wondering in himself at that which was come to pass;
that the body should not be there, and yet the clothes should remain; he could not tell what to make of it. As for a resurrection, he had no notion of that, and yet could not account for the removal of the body, either by friends or foes, and the clothes left behind.