Luke 24:53

Luke 24:53

And were continually in the temple
At the time of worship, at the hours of prayer, or of public service; and perhaps always privately in an upper room in it, where they, with others, met frequently, and continued, with one accord, in prayer and supplication; (See Gill on Acts 1:14), a practice worthy of imitation, whether in the public or private way:

praising, and blessing God;
for his Son Jesus Christ, who had died for their sins, was risen again for their justification, and was now ascended into heaven, to be their advocate there; and for all spiritual bless his Gospel to every creature.

so let him be praised, and blessed by all the saints, for all that is contained in this Gospel. In a manuscript copy of Beza's, it is added,

``the Gospel according to Saint Luke was published fifteen years after the ascension of Christ;''

(See Gill on Luke 1:1).
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