Luke 4:35

Luke 4:35

And Jesus rebuked him
Not the man, but the unclean spirit: or "that demon", as the Persic version reads it:

saying, hold thy peace,
or "be thou muzzled", as the word signifies,

and come out of him;
(See Gill on Matthew 1:25).

and when the devil had thrown him in the midst;
in the "midst of them", as the Arabic version adds; that is, in the midst of the people that were in the synagogue; or, as the Ethiopic version reads, "in the midst of the synagogue", where he threw him into convulsive fits, and left him:

he came out of him, and hurt him not;
though he sadly convulsed him, and put him to great pain, yet he did not wound him in any part of his body, or take away the use of any of his limbs; and much less hurt his soul so as to destroy it; all which was desired and intended by him, but was hindered by Christ; (See Gill on Mark 1:26).