Luke 4:42

Luke 4:42

And when it was day
The "day after", as the Persic version renders it;

at the dawning,
or "break of day", as the Syriac. He rose a great while before it was day, as Mark says, ( Mark 1:35 ) but did not go out till it was day, or till day was coming on, when

he departed
from Peter's house, and from Capernaum:

and went into a desert place;
for the sake of solitude, that he might be retired from company, and have an opportunity of privately praying to God:

and the people sought, and came unto him:
they first went to Simon's house, and not finding him there, sought for him elsewhere: and when they understood where he was, they came to him,

and stayed him that he should not depart from them;
they laid hold on him, and held him, and did all they could to persuade him, to abide with them constantly, and not think of removing from them: though perhaps this was not so much from love to Christ's person and presence, or any regard to his ministry, and the good and welfare of their immortal souls, as on account of the miracles he wrought, and the corporal benefits he bestowed on them.