Luke 6:17

Luke 6:17

And he came down with them
With the twelve apostles, from the top of the mountain, where he had been praying all night, and where he had been that morning, ordaining, and giving instructions to the twelve he had chosen:

and stood in the plain;
in a lower part of the mountain, in a plain place on it; which was large, and capable of holding a great number of people; for it was still upon the mount, that Christ taught his disciples, and said many of the things hereafter mentioned in this chapter; see ( Matthew 5:1 ) .

And the company of his disciples:
not only the twelve, but the large number out of which he had chosen twelve;

and a great multitude of people;
who were hearers of him, and attendants on him, and who had a great esteem for him, though they were not as yet of the number of his disciples; who came

out of all Judea, and Jerusalem, and from the sea coast of Tyre and
drawn from these several parts by the fame of him, some for one thing, and some another; some of

which came to hear him:
to hear him preach, and that they might know what manner of doctrine he taught: and others of them,

to be healed of their diseases;
their bodily diseases, and some came perhaps for both.