Luke 7:11

Luke 7:11

And it came to pass the day after
The Vulgate Latin reads "afterward", not expressing any day, as in ( Luke 8:1 ) , but the Syriac, Arabic, Persic, and Ethiopic versions, read to the same sense as we, the day after, the next day, on the morrow, after he had cured the centurion's servant in Capernaum, where he staid all night:

that he went into a city called Naim;
which Jerom F16 places near Mount Tabor, and the river Kison. The F17 Jews speak of a Naim in, the tribe of Issachar, so called from its pleasantness, and which seems to be the same place with this. The Persic version reads it, "Nabetis", or "Neapolis", the same With Sychem in Samaria, but without reason:

and many of his disciples went with him;
not only the twelve, but many others:

and much people;
from Capernaum, and other parts, that followed him to see his miracles, or for one end or another, though, they did not believe in him; at least these were only hearers, and had, not entered themselves among the disciples,


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