Luke 7:21

Luke 7:21

And in that same hour
Or at that same time, for a precise hour is not intended: one exemplar reads, "in that day", in which these men came to Christ,

Jesus, as the Persic version expresses it,

cured many of their infirmities;
bodily weaknesses and disorders: and plagues; which were inflicted on them as scourges and corrections for sin, very severe diseases, as epilepsies, leprosies, palsies and of evil spirits; or devils, which he dispossessed and commanded out of the bodies of men; though sometimes evil spirits, with the Jews, signify some kinds of bodily diseases: as when it is said F9

``whoever puts out a lamp because he is afraid of Gentiles, or of thieves, or of (her xwr) , "an evil spirit", or because of a sick man that is asleep, he is free.''

Upon which Maimonides observes,

``an evil spirit they call all kinds of diseases, which, in the Arabic language, go by the name of "melancholy"; for it is one kind of the diseases mentioned, which makes a sick man to fly, and separate himself from mankind, as if he was afraid of the light, or of coming into the company of men:''

and unto many that were blind he gave sight;
freely, as an act of grace and kindness, as the word signifies, without any merit, or motive, in them.


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