Luke 7:40

Luke 7:40

And Jesus answering said unto him
Christ being God omniscient, knew not only the character and conversation of this woman, which were publicly known by all, that knew any thing of her, but also the secret thoughts and reasonings of the Pharisee, and makes answer to them; which shows, that he was a prophet, in the sense of this man; yea, more than a prophet:

Simon, I have somewhat to say to thee;
this could not be Simon Peter, Christ spoke to, as some have suggested; for the answer is made unto the Pharisee, and he is the person addressed by the name of Simon; even he, into whose house Christ entered, and now was, as appears from ( Luke 7:44 ) .

And he saith, Master;
or teacher, or doctor; or as the Syriac version, "Rabbi"; which was the common salutation of doctors:

say on.
This was a way of speaking in use with the Jews, giving leave to proceed in a discourse; and as Christ was now a guest in this man's house, he asks leave of him, and he grants him it: so we read of R. Simeon ben Gamaliel F26 that he said to R. Ishmael ben Elishah,

``is it thy pleasure that I should say before thee one thing? he said unto him, (rwma) , "say on".''

Again, R. Jochanan ben Zaccai said F1 to a certain governor,

``suffer me to say one thing to thee: he replied to him, (rwma) , "say on".''


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