Luke 9:10

Luke 9:10

And the apostles, when they were returned
From the several parts of the land where they had been sent, and had been preaching and working miracles, having gone through their circuit, and finished the service they were sent to do:

told him all they had done;
what doctrines they had taught, how they had been received, and what success they met with, what miracles they had wrought, how they had dispossessed devils, and healed all sorts of diseases:

and he took them and went aside privately;
by ship, over some part of the sea of Galilee; (See Gill on Mark 6:32)

into a desert place belonging to the city called Bethsaida;
the city of Andrew and Peter, ( John 1:44 ) , and which, as Josephus F18 says, was by the lake of Gennesaret, and by Philip called Julias; and this desert place was the desert of Bethsaida, a lonely, wild, uncultivated, and desolate place, not far from it. Hither Christ went with his disciples, that they might be retired and alone, and have some refreshment and rest from their labours, and where they might privately converse together; and he give them some fresh instructions, and directions, and comfort.


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