Luke 9:42

Luke 9:42

And as he was yet a coming
Whilst he was in the way bringing to Jesus, before he came to him:

the devil threw him down, and tare him;
knowing who Jesus was, and that he was able to dispossess him: and having reason to believe he would, was resolved to do all the mischief he could, and give him all the pain add distress he was able, whilst he was in him; and therefore threw him to the ground, and convulsed him in a terrible manner at the same time:

and Jesus rebuked the unclean spirit;
for his malice and cruelty, and ordered him to depart:

and healed the child;
by dispossessing the spirit:

and delivered him again to his father;
free from the possession, and in perfect health, and which must be very pleasing and acceptable to him.