This chapter contains an account of the destruction of the wicked Jews,
and the happiness of the righteous by the coming of the Messiah; an
exhortation to regard the law of Moses; and a description of John the
Baptist and his work. The day of Christ's coming, reaching to
Jerusalem's destruction, is compared to a burning oven; the wicked Jews
to stubble, whose ruin would be utter and complete, \\#Mal 4:1\\ the
appearance of Christ is signified by the arising of him, the sun of
righteousness; the manner, with healing in his wings; the effects of
which are, going forth in the exercise of grace, and the discharge of
duty, and spiritual growth and triumph over their enemies, in which will
lie the happiness of them that fear God, \\#Mal 4:2,3\\ who are put in mind
of the law of Moses on Horeb, \\#Mal 4:4\\ the sending of John the Baptist
under the name of Elijah, before the coming of Christ is prophesied of,
\\#Mal 4:5\\ and his work pointed out, with the end of it, \\#Mal 4:6\\.