Mark 10:33

Mark 10:33

[Saying], behold we go up to Jerusalem
They were now upon the road thither.

And the son of man;
meaning himself,

shall be delivered unto the chief priests, and unto the Scribes;
by the determinate counsel, and foreknowledge of God, and by the means of a treacherous disciple of his, Judas. The Vulgate Latin version adds, "and to the elders"; but this is not in any of the copies, nor in other versions:

and they shall condemn him to death;
as they did in the palace of the high priest, "nemine contradicente"; see ( Mark 14:64 ) ,

and shall deliver him to the Gentiles;
the Romans, to Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor; either because they had not then power to put him to death themselves, or because they were desirous he should die the death of the cross, a Roman punishment.