Mark 15:36

Mark 15:36

And one ran and filled a sponge full of vinegar
Christ at the same time saying, I thirst; see ( John 19:28 ) ;

and put it on a reed;
an hyssop stalk, ( John 19:29 ) ;

and gave him to drink;
and so fulfilled a prophecy in ( Psalms 69:21 ) ;

or "they said", as the Syriac version reads it; not he that fetched the sponge, but the others that were with him, and which agrees with ( Matthew 27:27 Matthew 27:49 ) ;

let alone;
as forbidding him to go near him, and offer him any thing to drink:

let us see whether Elias will come and take him down;
from the cross; (See Gill on Matthew 27:49).