Mark 16:8

Mark 16:8

And they went out quickly
Out of the sepulchre, into which they had been, to see where Christ lay, as invited by the angel, ( Mark 16:6 ) . The word "quickly", is not read in the Vulgate Latin, Syriac, Arabic, Persic, and Ethiopic versions: "which when they heard"; that is, when they heard the angel's and instructions, immediately they went out:

and fled from the sepulchre;
as surprised and affrighted:

for they trembled and were amazed;
at what they saw and heard, and yet this dread and fear were mixed with joy at the news of Christ's resurrection, as Matthew relates, ( Matthew 28:8 ) .

Neither said they any thing to any man;
they met with by the way, till they came to the disciples; to whom they told all, otherwise they would not have acted according to the angel's orders

for they were afraid;
not only affrighted with what they had seen and heard, but the were afraid to tell any but the disciples of these things, for fear of the Jews; lest they should be thought to have stolen the body of Christ, and so be taken up on that account, and punished.