Mark 9:31

Mark 9:31

For he taught his disciples, and said unto them
What he had some little time before suggested to them; see ( Mark 8:31 ) .

The son of man is delivered into the hands of men:
in one of Beza's copies it is read, "sinful men", as in ( Luke 24:7 ) and so the Persic version reads here, and adds rebellious. This is represented as if it was already done, because it was determined and agreed upon, that it should be; and because, in a very little time, the son of man would be delivered into the hands of wicked men, according to the will of God, with his own consent, by the means of Judas, the Jews, and Pilate:

and they shall kill him;
put him to death, in a violent manner, contrary to all law and justice:

and after that he is killed;
this is omitted in the Arabic version, and in the Persic version in the room of it it is read, "and shall put him into a sepulchre"; that being what followed next upon his death:

and he shall rise the third day.
This Christ always takes care to mention, for the comfort of his disciples, when he tells them of his death.