Matthew 14:29

Matthew 14:29

And he said, come
This he said, partly to assure them who he was; for had he denied him, he and the rest might have concluded, it was none of Jesus; and partly to commend his love, and confirm his faith, by giving a further instance of his power, in enabling him to walk upon the water, as he did:

and when Peter was come down out of the ship;
as he immediately did, having orders from Christ; and being by this second speech fully convinced it was he

he walked on the water;
a little way, being supported and enabled by the power of Christ; for this was an extraordinary and miraculous action: for if it was so in Christ, it was much more so in Peter: Christ walked upon the water by his own power, as God; Peter walked upon the water, being held up by the power of Christ. The Jews F23 indeed, call swimming (Mymh ynp le hjyvh) , "walking upon the face of the waters": hence we read of a swimmer's vessel, which is explained to be what men make to learn in it, how (Mymh ynp le) (jwvl) , "to go or walk upon the face of the waters" F24; but then this is not going upon them upright, but prone, or lying along upon the surface of the waters, which was not Peter's case; he did not, as at another time, cast himself into the sea, and swim to Christ; see ( John 21:7 ) but as soon as he came down from the ship, standing upright, he walked upon the waters,

to go to Jesus;
not merely for walking sake, but for the sake of Christ, he dearly loved; that he might be with him, and be still more confirmed of the truth of its being he, and not a spirit.


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