Matthew 15:30

Matthew 15:30

And great multitudes came unto him
From the adjacent places; having heard of his being where he was; and who had either attended on him before, or, however, the fame of him, and his miracles, had reached their ears: these flocked to him, having with them, in their hands, or arms, or upon their backs, or shoulders, leading some, and carrying others, in some form or another,

those that were lame;
either in their legs, or arms:

in one eye, or both, and that either from their birth, or since:

the word signifies both deaf and dumb: these often meet in the same person: and if a man is born deaf, he is always dumb:

having lost a limb, an arm, or a leg, or so enfeebled by some disease or another, as the palsy, that their limbs were useless to them. The Persic version reads it "leprous":

and many others;
who were afflicted with various other diseases, too many to be mentioned particularly:

and cast them down at Jesus' feet;
to ease themselves of their burdens, and with a view to move his compassion, believing he was able to cure them: nor do they say a word to him, or desire him to relieve these miserable objects; thinking it was enough to present them to him, and not doubting at all, but he would show favour to them:

and he healed them;
immediately, either by a word speaking, or by touching them, or by putting his hands on them, or without any such outward sign, through a divine power proceeding from him, which, at once, removed all their disorders and complaints.