Matthew 27:56

Matthew 27:56

Among which was Mary Magdalene
Out of whom Christ had cast out seven devils; and who having received much from him, loved much, which she showed by her zealous and constant attachment to him. She was called Magdalene, either because she was an inhabitant of Magdala, ( Matthew 15:39 ) , so we read F5 of R. Isaac, (haldgm) , of "Magdala", or "Magdalene"; and the rather, because that Magdala was famous, or rather infamous, for whoredom; for which reason the Jews


F6 say, it was destroyed: or else she was so called, because she was (tldg) , a "tonstrix", or plaiter of women's hair, as the word signifies F7; and so we often read of Mary, (ayyvn reyv aldgm) , "the plaiter of women's hair" F8; by whom the Jews seem to design Mary, the mother of Jesus, whom they confound with this Mary Magdalene. Jerom says F9, her name signifies "towered", or "fortified", because of her care and diligence, and the ardour of her faith; and "Migdal", in Hebrew, does signify a tower:

and Mary the mother of James and Joses:
the same with the wife of Cleophas, and sister to Mary, the mother of Jesus: instead of Joses, the Vulgate Latin and Ethiopic versions read Joseph: (yowy) "Jose", in Hebrew, is the same with "Joseph", the last letter being cut off; the Arabic version reads Mary, the mother of James, and the mother of Joses, ( John 19:25 ) .

And the mother of Zebedee's children:
that is, of James and John; her name was Salome, ( Mark 15:40 ) .

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