Matthew 27:6

Matthew 27:6

And the chief priests took the silver pieces
Off of the ground, after Judas was gone, no other daring to meddle with them; for in any other it would have been deemed sacrilege; and they being the proper persons to take care and dispose of money brought into the temple: and if not, their covetous disposition would have moved them to take up the money:

and said, one to another, it is not lawful to put them into the
or "Corban"; as the Vulgate Latin and Ethiopic versions leave the word untranslated: and which is the place where the offerings for the repair and service of the temple were put, and is the same into which Christ beheld the people casting their money, ( Mark 12:41 ) . Josephus F21 observes, that

``there was, with the Jews, an holy treasure, which is called "Corbonas";''

and this is the (Nbrqh tkvl) , "the chamber of the Korban", of which the Jews make mention F23: the reason the high priests give why it was not lawful to put this money into the treasury, or into any of the chests in the "Corban" chamber, was,

because it is the price of blood.
Thus they strained at a gnat, and swallowed a camel. It is highly probable, that they took this selfsame money out of the treasury to buy this blood with, and yet scruple to put it in, having bought it: and besides, they made no hesitation about seeking for, and shedding this innocent blood, and yet boggle at putting this money into the "Corban", because it was the price of it; proceeding upon the same reason as the law in ( Deuteronomy 23:18 ) does, pretending much religion, and great veneration for holy pieces and things, when they made no conscience of committing the most flagitious crimes.


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