Matthew 5:35

Matthew 5:35

Nor by the earth, for it is his footstool
That the Jews were wont to swear by the earth, is clear from the above mentioned instances; and is condemned by Christ for this reason, because the earth is God's "footstool", referring, as before, to ( Isaiah 66:1 ) on which he treads; and where he also manifests forth his glory, and is a considerable part of the work of his hands.

Neither by Jerusalem,
which the Jews used to swear by: such forms of vows as these are to be met with in their writings F17;

``as the altar, as the temple, (Mlvwryk) , "as Jerusalem";''

that is, by Jerusalem, I vow I will do this, or the other thing.

``R. Judah says, he that says Jerusalem (i.e. as Bartenora observes F18, without the note of comparison, as) says nothing.''

In the Gemara F19 it is,

``he that says as Jerusalem, does not say anything, till he has made his vow concerning a thing, which is offered up in Jerusalem.''

Dr. Lightfoot F20 has produced forms of vowing and swearing, which have not occurred to me.

``Jerusalem; (Mlvwryl) , "for", or "unto Jerusalem", which exactly answers to (eiv Ierosoluma) , here; and "by Jerusalem";''

The reason given for prohibiting this kind of oath, is;

for it is the city of the great king:
not of David, but of the King of kings, the Lord of hosts; who had his residence, and his worship, here; see ( Psalms 48:2 ) .


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