In this chapter the prophet reproves and threatens both princes and
prophets, first separately, and then conjunctly; first the heads and
princes of the people, civil magistrates, for their ignorance of
justice, and hatred of good, and love of evil, and for their oppression
and cruelty; and they are threatened with distress when they should cry
unto the Lord, and should not be heard by him, \\#Mic 3:1-4\\; next the
prophets are taken to task, for their voraciousness, avarice, and false
prophesying; and are threatened with darkness, with want of vision, and
of an answer from the Lord, and with shame and confusion, \\#Mic 3:5-7\\;
and the prophet being full of the Spirit and power of God, to declare
the sins and transgressions of Jacob and Israel, \\#Mic 3:8\\, very freely
declaims against princes, priests, and prophets, all together; who,
though guilty of very notorious crimes, yet were in great security, and
promised themselves impunity, \\#Mic 3:9-11\\; wherefore the city and temple
of Jerusalem are threatened with an utter desolation, \\#Mic 3:12\\.