This chapter contains some gracious promises concerning the glory and
happiness of the church of Christ in the last days; as of its
stability, exaltation, and increase, and of the spread of the Gospel
from it, \\#Mic 4:1,2\\; and of the peace and security of it, and constant
profession and exercise of religion in it, \\#Mic 4:3-5\\; and of the
deliverance of it from affliction and distress, and the ample and
everlasting kingdom of Christ in it, \\#Mic 4:6-8\\; and then follow some
prophecies more particularly respecting the Jews; as that, though they
should be in distress, and be carried captive into Babylon, they should
be delivered from thence, \\#Mic 4:9,10\\; and, though many people should
be gathered against them, yet should not be able to prevail over them,
but their attempts would issue in their own destruction, \\#Mic 4:11-13\\.