Nehemiah 12:22

Nehemiah 12:22

The Levites, in the days of Eliashib The third priest of the second temple:

he was the son of Eliashib, and the fourth high priest:

and Johanan;
the same with Jonathan, ( Nehemiah 12:11 ) and whom Josephus F15 also calls Joannes:

and Jaddua;
the same as in ( Nehemiah 12:10 ) in the days of each of these were

recorded chief of the fathers;
the principal men among the Levites:

also the priests, to the reign of Darius the Persian;
thought to be Darius Codomannus, the last king of the Persian monarchy, whom Alexander conquered; and if so, this verse must be inserted after the death of Nehemiah, and as the next verse also seems to be; for these two verses interrupt the natural order of the relation: an account is given of the priests in the times of Joiakim, ( Nehemiah 12:12-21 ) , these verses being inserted, the account goes on, ( Nehemiah 12:24 ) of the chief of the Levites in the times of Joiakim only.


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