Nehemiah 4:7

Nehemiah 4:7

And it came to pass that when Sanballat, and Tobiah, and the
Who were under and influenced by Geshem the Arabian:

and the Ammonites;
over whom Tobiah was governor:

and the Ashdodites;
who were of Ashdod or Azotus, one of the principalities of the Philistines, who were always enemies to the Jews:

heard that the walls of Jerusalem were made up;
or "the length of them went up" F4; that is, the height of them; that they rose up high apace, and were got up to, or almost to their proper height:

and that the breaches began to be stopped;
for the walls were not all thrown down by the Chaldeans, but breaches made here and there, which were now repaired:

then they were very wroth;
and could not avoid showing it; before they mocked them, as attempting what they could not go through with; but now, perceiving the work went on with great success, they were enraged.


F4 (hkwra htle) "ascendisset longitudo", Montanus; so Coeceius in rad. (Kra) .