Nehemiah 8:9

Nehemiah 8:9

And Nehemiah which is the Tirshatha
Or governor, as Zerubbabel had been, and now Nehemiah, see ( Ezra 2:63 )

and Ezra the priest and scribe;
see ( Nehemiah 8:1 Nehemiah 8:2 ) ,

and the Levites that taught the people;
see ( Nehemiah 8:7 )

said unto all the people, this day is holy unto the Lord your God;
being both the new moon and the feast of blowing of trumpets:

mourn not, nor weep;
which was unsuitable to a festival, and especially such an one as this, in which trumpets were to be blown, and gladness to be shown, ( Numbers 10:10 )

for all the people wept when they heard the words of the law;
perceiving they had not kept it, but had broke it in many instances, and so liable to the wrath and judgment of God in case of disobedience.