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Nehemiah 9:26

Nehemiah 9:26

Nevertheless, they were disobedient, and rebelled against
Notwithstanding all these favours and mercies bestowed upon them, which was great ingratitude:

and cast thy law behind their backs;
as of no account, and unworthy of their regard; that which they should have had continually before their eyes, as the rule and guide of their actions, they cast behind them, not caring to look into it, and read it:

and slew thy prophets, which testified against them to turn them to
the prophets that bore a testimony against their sins, admonished them of them, called heaven and earth to record against them should they continue in them, and all to turn them from them by repentance to the Lord; those they were so wroth with on this account as to slay them, see ( Matthew 23:37 ) ( Acts 7:52 ) ,

and they wrought great provocations;
serving Baalim and Ashtaroth, and other gods of the nations, than which nothing was more provoking to the Lord.