This chapter informs us of the complaints of the people of Israel,
which brought the fire of the Lord upon them, and consumed many of
them; and which, at the intercession of Moses, was quenched, and the
place from thence called Taberah, \\#Nu 11:1-3\\; and of the lusting of the
mixed multitude after flesh, to increase which, they called to mind
their food in Egypt; and to show their folly and ingratitude in so
doing, the manna is described, \\#Nu 11:4-9\\; and of the uneasiness of
Moses, and his complaints of the heavy burden of the people upon him,
\\#Nu 11:10-15\\; and to make him easy, it is promised, that seventy of the
elders of Israel should partake of his spirit, and assist in bearing
the burden, \\#Nu 11:16,17\\; and that the people should have flesh to
serve them a whole month, \\#Nu 11:18-20\\; at which last Moses expressed
some degree of unbelief, \\#Nu 11:21-23\\; however God fulfilled his
promise with respect to both. Some of the spirit of Moses was taken and
given to seventy elders, who prophesied, and two men are particularly
taken notice of, who did so, \\#Nu 11:24-30\\; quails in great numbers were
brought by a wind to the people; but while they were eating them wrath
came upon them, and they were smitten with a plague, whence the place
was called Kibrothhattaavah, \\#Nu 11:31-34\\; and from thence they removed
to Hazeroth, \\#Nu 11:35\\.