Numbers 12:14

Numbers 12:14

And the Lord said unto Moses
By a voice out of the cloud, though at a distance; unless it was by a secret impulse upon his spirit, darting such words into his mind as if he heard an audible voice:

if her father had but spit in her face;
or, "in spitting spitted" F12; spit much, and continued spitting till he had covered her face with spittle; which, as it would have been a token of anger and displeasure in him, an earthly father, who is meant, and of shame and disgrace to her; so there is some likeness in spittle to leprosy, both being white, and in such a case to the abundance of it, her thee being covered with leprosy; and which came as it were from the mouth of the Lord, by his order and appointment, immediately, as spittle from a man, and like that, in a way of detestation and contempt, and to make abhorred and despised:

should she not be ashamed seven days?
hide herself, and never appear in the family, and especially in her father's presence, because of the shame she was put unto, for the space of seven days; how much more ashamed then should she be, now her heavenly Father did spit in her face, and covered it with a white leprosy and for as long a time at least, or indeed longer? fourteen days, say the Targum of Jonathan, and Jarchi, but no more than seven are required, when more might have justly been, for her separation and shutting up from company and conversation:

let her be shut out from the camp seven days;
for so long the leper was to be shut up at the trial of his leprosy, and so long he was to be out of his tent at the cleansing of him, ( Leviticus 13:5 Leviticus 13:6 ) ( 14:8 ) ;

and after that let her be received [again];
into the camp and into society with her relations and friends.


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