In this chapter an order is given by the Lord, to send twelve men into
the land of Canaan, to search and spy it, and which was accordingly
executed, \\#Nu 13:1-3\\; and the names of the twelve persons are given,
\\#Nu 13:4-16\\; the instructions they received from Moses, what part of
the land they should enter into first, and what observations they
should make on it, \\#Nu 13:17-20\\; which they attended to, and on their
return brought some of the fruit of the land with them, \\#Nu 13:21-26\\;
and gave an account of it, that it was a very fruitful land, but the
inhabitants mighty, and their cities walled, \\#Nu 13:27-29\\; which threw
the people into confusion, but that they were stilled by Caleb, one of
the spies, who encouraged them, \\#Nu 13:30\\; but all the rest, excepting
Joshua, brought an ill report of it, as not to be subdued and conquered
by them, \\#Nu 13:31-33\\.