Numbers 15:15

Numbers 15:15

One ordinance [shall be both] for you of the congregation,
&c.] Or "O congregation" F9, as Ben Melech, and so the Targum of Jonathan, "O whole congregation"; though Aben Ezra denies it to be vocative:

and also for the stranger that sojourneth [with you];
the same ordinance, statute, or appointment, respecting the above things, were equally binding on one side as on the other, an homeborn Israelite and a proselyte of righteousness:

an ordinance for ever in your generations;
to be observed by them, one and the other, in all ages, until the Messiah came and abolished the law of commandments contained in ordinances:

as ye [are] so shall the stranger be before the Lord;
not in things civil, but religious, and particularly with respect to the above sacrifices and offerings: Ben Gersom and Aben Ezra say this respects the burnt offering only, which was before the Lord.


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