Numbers 20:22

Numbers 20:22

And the children of Israel, [even] the whole congregation,
journeyed from Kadesh
Not directly, but after they had continued there some time, and had furnished themselves with provisions for their journey, which they bought of the Edomites, see ( Judges 11:17 ) , "the whole congregation" is observed to Journey from hence, not one of them being lost by the king of Edom's coming out against them; these went out complete and perfect, safe and sound:

and came unto Mount Hor;
which, according to Bunting F6, was forty eight miles from Kadesh; this had not its name from the Horim or Horites, nor they from that, their name being written with a different letter, but from Harar, a mountain, for the word itself signifies a mountain; wherefore it may be rendered, "a mountain of the mountain", which Jarchi interprets a mountain on the top of a mountain. Josephus


F7 says, that here stood a city, formerly called Arce, since Petra, surrounded with an high mountain, where Aaron went and died; and Pliny says F8 of Petra, that it is encompassed with inaccessible mountains.

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