This chapter relates, that, upon a petition of the daughters of
Zelophehad, the affair of inheritances was settled; and it is
directed that, in case of want of male issue, inheritances should
pass to females, and in failure of them to the next of kin, whether
father's brethren or any near kinsman, \\#Nu 27:1-11\\, also an order
to Moses to go up to the Mount Abarim, and take a view of the good
land, and die; with the reason of it, \\#Nu 27:12-14\\, upon which
Moses desires a successor of him might be appointed, \\#Nu 27:15-17\\,
in answer to which Joshua is nominated, and being presented before the
high priest and the people, was invested with his office, by
imposition of hands, and had his charge given him, \\#Nu 27:18-23\\.

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