Numbers 29:6

Numbers 29:6

Beside the burnt offering of the month, and his meat offering,
&c.] The bullock, ram, and seven lambs, were offered on this day, besides the two bullocks, one ram, and seven lambs, which were offered on it, on account of its being the first day of the month and besides the meat offering that went along with them; these were not omitted on account of those additional sacrifices:

and the daily burnt offering;
the two lambs of the daily sacrifice; these also were offered as usual, so that there were offered on this day three bullocks, two rams, and sixteen lambs:

and his meat offering, and their drink offerings, according to their
these also were offered with the daily sacrifice, according to the law and rule prescribed for the making of them, and all were

for a sweet savour, a sacrifice made by fire unto the Lord;
for they were burnt sacrifices, and very acceptable to the Lord, as they were types of the better sacrifice, with which he is infinitely well pleased; and it is with respect to that that such a number of sacrifices were appointed.

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