In this chapter an account is given of the various offerings on the
several remarkable days in the seventh month of the year; at the feast
of blowing the trumpets on the first day of the month, \\#Nu 29:1-6\\,
at the great fast or day of atonement, which was the tenth of the
month, \\#Nu 29:7-11\\, and at the feast of tabernacles, which began
on the fifteenth day of the same month, and continued eight days, and the
sacrifices of every day are particularly mentioned; of the first day,
\\#Nu 29:12-16\\, of the second day, \\#Nu 29:17-19\\, of the third day,
\\#Nu 29:20-22\\, of the fourth day, \\#Nu 29:23,24\\, of the fifth day,
\\#Nu 29:26-28\\, of the sixth day, \\#Nu 29:29-31\\, of the seventh day,
\\#Nu 29:32-34\\, and of the eighth day, \\#Nu 29:35-38\\, which sacrifices
were to be offered, besides their vows and freewill offerings, of which
Moses gave a faithful account, according to the command of God,
\\#Nu 29:39,40\\.

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