Numbers 35:3

Numbers 35:3

And cities shall they have to dwell in
For them and their families, and indeed for nothing else, they having no trades nor worldly business to carry on in them:

and the suburbs of them shall be for their cattle;
for stables and stalls to put them up in, and for barns and storehouses to lay in provender for them:

and for their goods;
where to bestow them, as the increase of their fields, oliveyards, and vineyards, see ( Luke 12:18 Luke 12:19 )

and for all their beasts;
or living creatures; or "for their whole life" F26; or livelihood, whatsoever was for the support of it; the Targum of Jonathan adds, by way of explanation, for all their necessities; and so Jarchi.


F26 (Mtyh lkl) "ad vitam ipsorum". Vid. Drusium.