Numbers 4:14

Numbers 4:14

And they shall put upon it all the vessels thereof
Upon the altar covered with a blue cloth; on that were to be put everything belonging to the altar:

wherewith they minister about it;
the priests, when they offered sacrifice on it:

[even] the censers, the fleshhooks, and the shovels, and the basins,
all the vessels of the altar;
of which see ( Exodus 27:3 ) ;

and they shall spread upon it a covering of badgers' skins:
to prevent the rains falling upon them, which being all of brass, would be apt to tarnish:

and put to the staves of it;
which were made to bear and carry it on such an occasion as this, ( Exodus 27:6 Exodus 27:7 ) . No mention is made of the laver, though there is both in the Septuagint and Samaritan versions, which add,

``and they shall take a purple cloth and cover the layer, and its base, and shall put it into a covering of skin of a blue colour, and put it upon bearers:''

but perhaps the reason why this is not mentioned is, because it was carried uncovered; the mystery of which, Ainsworth conjectures, was this, that it might be a lively representation of the grace of God in Christ, continuing and opened as an ever springing fountain, where always God's elect, having faith in him, may wash and purge themselves in the blood of Christ unto forgiveness of sin sanctification of the Spirit, and salvation; see ( Zechariah 13:1 ) .